Category: Spousal Support Statutes

R.S. §374 Use of Family Residence

§374.  Possession and use of family residence or community movables or immovables A. When the family residence is the separate property of either spouse, after the filing of a petition for divorce or in conjunction therewith, the spouse who has physical custody or has been awarded temporary custody of the minor children of the marriage [..]

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CCP Art. 224 Constructive Contempt

Art. 224.  Constructive contempt A constructive contempt of court is any contempt other than a direct one. Any of the following acts constitutes a constructive contempt of court: (1) Wilful neglect or violation of duty by a clerk, sheriff, or other person elected, appointed, or employed to assist the court in the administration of justice; (2) Wilful [..]

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