R.S. §9:315.34 Subsequent Compliance

§9:315.34.  Subsequent compliance; order of compliance; order of partial compliance

A. (1) An obligor is in subsequent compliance with an order of support when all of the following occur:

(a) The obligor is up to date with current child support payments.

(b) All past-due support has been paid or, if periodic payment for past-due support has been ordered by the court, the obligor is making such payments in accordance with the court order.

(c) The obligor has fulfilled the required health insurance provisions, if any, in the order of support.

(2) A person is in subsequent compliance with a subpoena or court order when the court rescinds the order of contempt.

B. (1) Upon motion of an obligor who is in subsequent compliance with an order of support and after a contradictory hearing or upon rescission of an order of contempt, the court shall issue an order of compliance indicating that the obligor is eligible to have all licenses reissued.  In cases where the department is providing support enforcement services, the court shall issue an ex parte order of compliance upon filing of written certification by the department that the obligor is in compliance.

(2) At the request of an obligor or other individual for whom an undue financial hardship will occur or has occurred as a result of the loss of his driver’s license and upon a showing of good faith, the court may issue an order of partial compliance authorizing the issuance of a temporary license in accordance with R.S. 9:315.33(C).

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